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Colleen Kitchen has been making music since she was a sprout, no thanks to public school music, from which she was effectively banned in high school. Her formal music education consists of piano lessons with Anne Schubert, vocal and choral training with some of the area's finest, selected classes at the local U and community colleges, lots o' jammin' and many rounds in the ring at the University of Hard Knocks (UHK). She has been active locally in the dance scene, has been a choir director, church organist, member of several vocal ensembles past and present, as well as a number of previous collaborative efforts with Laura Zaerr. She also teaches, is a published composer, has recorded with a number of local artists, performs solo, and substitutes.


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Laura Zaerr has studied harp at University of Oregon, Paris, and Eastman, with the likes of Derek Healy and Eileen Malone. A composer, sought after performer, recording artist, technician, teacher, and workshop facilitator, Laura has had her compositions featured in several symphonies, sometimes playing them herself. She has an extensive discography, and, not one to shy away from drills and planers, Laura has restored a decrepit 18th century harp from the dead. She has done everything from cruise ships to Eugene Opera to hospice music, and also serves as president of the Eugene chapter of the American Harp society. She is also a virtuoso at the lever (folk) harp, and has collaborated with Colleen and many others to bring a sparkle to the Celtic repertoire.


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Kevin Ronkko is a native of the State of Maine. Kevin has performed as a first call drummer beginning at the age of 15. In his formative years, he studied with jazz greats such as Dick Demers (Maine drumming legend) royal hartigan (Fred Ho) Joe Morello (Dave Brubeck Quartet) Since moving to Oregon in 2009, he has narrowed his focus to jazz and progressive musics. He is happy to be currently playing with some of Oregon's finest musicians and finding new challenges. After a long break from singing and playing, which he did for many years in New England (and wrote a book about the experience; The Singing Drummer: add vocals to your beat, he is currently pushing the envelope of his unique voice.